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Area of research

Brandenburg (with Neumark)


Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, Jews, Mennonites, Baptists


in Berlin, Potsdam, Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Zielona Góra, research through literature and internet


German, English, Latin, Polish


from Brandenburg to Poland and Russia, 17th - 19th century

Dobriner Land

Research through Evangelical and Catholic church books of the counties of Lipno and Rypin in Poland


Through regular visits I have an in-depth knowledge of the holdings of the following archives:

  • Evangelisches Landeskirchliches Archiv Berlin-Brandenburg (ELAB) in Berlin
  • Evangelisches Zentralarchiv (EZA) in Berlin
  • Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie (DZfG) in Leipzig
  • Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv (BLHA) in Potsdam
  • Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz (GStA PK) in Berlin
  • State Archives in Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra
  • Family History Center of the LDS church


I'm specialized on genealogical research in the "Neumark" which was the region of the Prussian province of Brandenburg, Germany, located east of the Oder River in territory which became part of Poland in 1945.

Possibilities of research

Although many church records of the Neumark have been destroyed at the end of World War II, there are ways of genealogical research if one considers all available possibilities of research such as:

  • Land records
  • Court records
  • Town records
  • Records of the central Prussian administration
  • Literature and internet

Emigration from Brandenburg

I deal with the emigration from Brandenburg to Poland (Posen province, West Prussia) and Russia (Sankt Petersburg, Bessarabia, Volyn) from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

For this project I examine archival material in Brandenburg and Poland, further church books and literature.

I'd like to share information from my database. If you need help in determining the origin of your German ancestors in Poland and Russia, please feel free to contact me.

Please be aware that it isn't always possible to determine the origin of German immigrants in Poland and Russia, especially before 1795 it's often impossible to trace back the emigration routes . If your ancestors come from the Neumark, due the lack of church records the research would be more expensive, if even possible.

My Publications

  • Auswanderer aus der Mark Brandenburg nach Polen [Emigrants from Brandenburg to Poland]. In: Zeitschrift für Ostdeutsche Familiengeschichte, 2015, issue 1, page 303-308
  • Auswanderer aus der Mark Brandenburg nach Polen und Rußland (18.-19. Jahrhundert) [Emigrants from Brandenburg to Poland and Russia (18th-19th centuries)]. In: Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten, 2015, issue 3
  • Angenommene Untertanen in Säpzig, Stenzig und Frauendorf im Kreis Weststernberg [Subjects in Säpzig, Stenzig and Frauendorf in the district of Weststernberg], 1706-1735. In: Zeitschrift für Ostdeutsche Familiengeschichte, 2015, issue 3, page 372-377
  • Jüdische Personenstandsfälle in Rössel (Ostpreußen) [Jewish vital records of Rössel (East Prussia)] 1866-1874. In: Archiv ostdeutscher Familienforscher, volume 23 (2015), page 290-296
  • Genealogische Quellen für Grünberg (Zielona Góra) [Genealogical sources for Grünberg in Silesia (Zielona Góra)]. In: Zeitschrift für Ostdeutsche Familiengeschichte, 64. Jahrgang (2016), Heft 2, Seite 33-37

My References

  • Klemfuss family research in Posen Provence and East Prussia, from 1779. Credential from Jim Ouimette, Santa Rosa, California, USA (July 2016). Download als PDF
  • Kriese family research in Posen Provence, Central Poland and Volynia, from about 1655. Credential from Mr Kriese, Düsseldorf, Germany (April 2016). Download als PDF
  • Draheim family research in Zduńska Wola, Rogasen and Margonin, from about 1670. Report from Mr Draheim, Germany (Februar 2016). Download als PDF
  • Lindenblatt family research in the districts of Ortelsburg und Mohrungen (East Prussia), from about 1780. Credential from Werner Lindenblatt, Malchow, Germany (July 2015). Download
  • Meyer - Wicht family research in Guben and Fürstenwalde (both Brandenburg) and Bartenstein (East Prussia), 1777 - 1928. Credential from Karen Kilty, Massachusetts, USA (June 2014). Download
  • Bütow family research in Warmia-Masuria, 19th - 20th centuries; Rohde - Zahlmann family research in Königsberg (East Prussia) and environs, about 1625 - 1922. Credential from Dianne Sanders, New Zealand (November 2013). Download
  • Kranke - Witt family research in the district of Fischhausen (East Prussia), about 1620 - 1945. Credential from Manfred Klaffus, Oberpfalz, Germany (October 2013). Download
  • Credential from Arkadiusz Wełniak, colleague from Tczew, Poland (September 2013). Download
  • Reuter - Hassenstein family research in East Prussia, about 1640 - 1919. Credential from Volkhard Paris, Münster in Westphalia, Germany (Mai 2013). Download
  • Plonus - Michelis family research in East Prussia (districts of Labiau and Braunsberg) and West Prussia (districts of Marienwerder and Rosenberg), about 1630 - 1945. Credential from Manfred Kühlem, Korntal in Württemberg, Germany (March 2013). Download
  • Watzek family research through Catholic church books and civil records of Berlin. Credential from Orbie Welch, Texas, USA (November 2012). Download
  • Credential from Joe Visek (Georgia) in spite of poor results (because of the lack of archival material from the district of Schlochau, West Prussia), September 2012. Download
  • Stella Ellis, London (June 2012): "Stefan Rueckling arbeitete wochenlang daran einen Vorfahren fuer mich in den Berliner Archiven zu suchen. Er durchforstete hunderte von Geburtsregistern und Kirchenbuechern und fand den Unauffindbaren! Seine Berichte von den Recherchen sind ausgezeichnet und sehr gut verstaendlich. Alles wird gruendlich und so schnell wie moeglich erledigt. Ich kann ihn auf jeden Fall empfehlen und besonders wenn es um Kniffliges geht."
  • Matschke - Böhnert family research in West Prussia (mainly district of Marienburg), 1688 - 20th century. Credential from Manfred Matschke, Brissago/Switzerland (January 2012). Download


You can set a maximum price for the research. A payment per PayPal is also possible.

Service Details Fees
Fee 45,00 € per hour
Costs for journey to Szczecin / Stettin 40,00 €
to Gorzów / Landsberg 50,00 €
nach Zielona Góra / Grünberg 50,00 €
Archives fee none
Costs for copies depending on the Archives, Protestant Central Archives: 1,-- € per page
External costs such as fee-based information from agencies


Stefan Rückling

  • born 1976
  • Languages: Latin, English, Polish
  • genealogical research since 1992
  • independent professional genealogist since 2011


Please send your inquiry in writing to the following address (e-mail or post). I will answer as soon as possible: